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The Land of Northern Lights

We welcome you to a land of magical landscapes and mystical nights. As you come to Lapland you can feel how the traditional Lappish way of living and the culture that is rooted firmly in the ancestors’ heritage surrounds you.

Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights or “Revontulet” in Finnish have always been an essential part of this land. It’s not uncommon that people believe the Northern Lights to possess magical forces; whether it’s a connection to other worlds and beings, or just a sign of good things to come. Some cultures have for hundreds of years revered the northern lights bringing good luck, happiness and fertility.

We love to share this amazing nature phenomenon with anyone who comes to visit us. Our skilled guides are ready to take you to memorable excursions around the nearby wilderness so that you get the chance to experience this night-sky wonder yourself.


Combine different kind of Winter Activities and Northern Lights, Snowmobiling, Huskies, Skiing ect.

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